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Speak Up open through June 2019: Your stakeholders can now participate in Speak Up through the end of the school year. No more limited participation windows and deadlines! Check in with our press release, e-newsletter, and our video announcement to see official Speak Up communications.

Online validated reports now available: Your online reports are now considered valid and ready for download. Login to view your reports by selecting the option “View school/district data results”. Online reports will refresh with up to date results every Saturday evening through the close of Speak Up. For those that have completed Speak Up, your local results will stay the same, but you will now also have access to real time results for state and national data until the close of the survey in June.

Online Seminars: Need help with sorting through your data results? Sign up to attend one of our complementary online seminars focused on supporting your data efforts. Register here.

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Project Tomorrow, the nonprofit organization that facilitates Speak Up, retains all legal rights to the data gathered as part of Speak Up and prohibits the use of the data for commercial or unauthorized purposes by any entity. For more information about appropriate use, please contact the Speak Up Team.

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