2013 Speak Up Survey

Tips on deciding which survey to take

Speak Up offers surveys for K-12 students (K-2, K-2 Group, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12), educators, parents and Community Members/Business Partners. Below you will find a list of options offered in the first question of the survey regarding your primary role or current job assignment. Please select the survey that best meets your current role in the K-12 community:

Educator Surveys:

  • Teacher, Librarian or Media Specialist
    • Teachers includes: Classroom teacher, Special education teacher, ELL/ESL Teacher, School technology coordinator, Academic or guidance counselor, Curriculum specialist, Paraprofessional, instructional aide or paraeducator, Coach or Mentor
    • Librarians includes: Librarian, Librarian Media Specialist, Library Assistant, Media Specialist, Teacher Librarian, Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Administrator
    • District Administrator includes: Superintendent (District Executive, CEO), Assistant/Deputy Superintendent, CTO/CIO/Technology Director, Curriculum & Instruction Director, ELL/ESL Director, Human Resources Director, Public Information/Communications Director, Student Services and Support Director, Special Education Director, Title I Director/Coordinator, Instructional Technology Specialist, Technology Support Staff (such as: network, hardware, software)
    • School Administrator includes: Principal, Headmaster or Executive Director, Assistant Principal, Guidance, Career or Admissions Counselor, Curriculum and Instruction Specialists and Coaches, ELL/ESL Coordinator, Instructional , Technology Specialist, School Psychologist, Special Education Coordinator, Student Services and Support Specialist, Technology Support Staff, Title I Director/Coordinator
    • Technology Leader: Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Educational or Instructional Technology, District IT Director, Technology Director, Technology Coordinator, Instructional Technology, Coach/Specialist, Technology Operations Manager, Technical Support Manager or Administrator, Tech Support Services

Community Member or Business partner Survey, this survey is also offered as a group survey.

  • After school program coordinator, Business leader, Child care provider, Civic leader, Concerned citizen, Employer, Grandparent of school aged children, Homeowner, Museum or informal learning educator, Parent - children already graduated from local schools, Parent - children too young to attend school, Philanthropist, School board member, School or district employee (but not a teacher or administrator), School volunteer, Tutor


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