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Speak Up International

Hosted by Project Tomorrow and BrainPOP in collaboration with ISTE

Speak Up International is a collaboration between BrainPOP, Project Tomorrow and ISTE to extend the acclaimed Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning to international schools worldwide. Since 2003, Project Tomorrow has gathered the views of more than 5 million students, educators and parents. The Speak Up database represents the largest collection of feedback from these key stakeholders.

The Speak Up International program will provide authentic feedback from users and information for all participating international schools on using digital tools and resources, as well as give students, parents, educators, and school administrators a voice in these important discussions on the future of learning around the world.

To learn more about the Speak Up International pilot program, please visit our website at http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/speakup_international.html . If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter to receive updates about this program, please click here.

*Please note, before students and teachers can participate, schools need to register and create a school profile. To register your school for free, click Primary Contact Registration below.

To take the Administrator survey as an individual without registering your school first, select the survey "General Administrator (school not registered)".

Administrators who take the survey can win a FREE registration to CoSN. At the end of the survey, you will be prompted to enter to win.

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Survey Open Until June 2, 2017

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Click on Primary Contact Registration   to create your school profile, assign a primary contact, and school specific passwords. Every participating school will need to create a school profile to participate. As part of the school profile, you will assign an administrative password to access your local data as well as assign a student survey password for students to take the survey. As a primary contact, you will be in charge of the promotion and encouragement of the survey

Project Tomorrow, the nonprofit organization that facilitates Speak Up, retains all legal rights to the data gathered as part of Speak Up and prohibits the use of the data for commercial or unauthorized purposes by any entity.
For more information about appropriate use, please contact the Speak Up Team.

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